We appreciate that innovation, new product development and research into health are opening up new opportunities for private distributors in established and emerging markets and we advise them to take advantage of our results with premium quality products.

Our use of approved raw material suppliers and control of all manufacturing and packaging processes in our own facility certify the quality of our products. Product traceability is ensured at all times which means we can track them systematically and we also carry out analysis during the various stages of production.

Our ongoing efforts to make improvements and the results generated by our R&D department have enabled us to earn top industry awards and certifications.


REFICESUR has a laboratory that is fully equipped with cutting-edge technology and adapted to the latest methods of analysis to ensure the proper performance and properties of our oils by means of strict controls, while at the same time keeping intact the features that make them so beneficial to health.

  • * Flavour, aroma and quality
  • * Comprehensive monitoring at all stages
  • * Quality is our best guarantee
  • * Quality is our best guarantee
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